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About Us

About Rescom Landscaping & making your dream outdoor living space.


Rescom Landscaping is a landscaping and design company that makes your dream landscape, front yard, or backyard the way you always have envisioned it. It's our goal to not just build your perfect front yard or backyard. We want you to have a living space apart of your house that you can enjoy for a life time. We believe that your outdoor living space is a place where you can bring your family together. Rescom Landscaping also believes in bring you the highest quality of service possible at affordable rates. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards when it comes to your landscape design. We understand that it is not just your landscape but your outdoor living space that you share with your family and friends. When we start from conception to finish we want you to be proud of your new outdoor living space. We also appreciate and understand the concept that when someone see's your front yard it is the first hello to your family, friends, and guests.

Our skilled Landscaping design team and founder. 

Rescom Landscaping was Founded by Paul O' Connell and with over 30 years of experience and his high skilled team. They have been making Landscaping dreams a reality for all their customers. Combined with the creative expertise, landscape design knowledge, and along with construction is a recipe for your perfect outdoor living space. Rescom Landscaping will add the beauty and sophistication you want to your front yard or backyard while still making it your own.

Our passion and love for landscape design and your outdoor living space

At Rescom Landscaping every design team member share the same passion and love of landscape design as Mr. O' Connell does. It's our job to bring you the very best service and leave you with the best front yard or backyard that you could image. We want it to be more than just a place. We want it to be your living space that you share with those closest to you. We are happy to be apart of the experience of your outdoor living space that will be apart of your families memories, and futures.

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